Foldable Golf Pitchfork | Golf Training Aids


The Foldable Golf Pitchfork is made of hard, high stainless steel for quality and durability. The handle is made of aluminum, steel to enable easy grip. Its anti-corrosive feature makes it long-lasting and its foldable design enables portability, thereby making it easy to take anywhere.


  • The fork is made of high hardness and high-quality stainless steel, and the handle is made of high-quality aluminum metal with the characteristics of strong, durable and anti-corrosion, and has a long life.
  • Advanced stamping, water, grinding, sanding, and other machines for careful production, hardness up to standard, wear resistance, strong toughness.
  • Used for outdoor sports such as golf courses and golf club.
  • A golf ball fork can be extended automatically by pressing the spring button.
  • Foldable design, small volume, lightweight, easy to carry.
  • It can be used to repair the turf and mark the position of the ball.
  • Repairs for the spring set are convenient to open and close.
  • With special design, fashion looks and practicality.


  • Unfolding Size:12 cm
  • Folding Size:7 cm