Outdoor Putting Improver | Putt Alignment Aids

The putt improver should not be missing in any golf bag. It comes handy and effective. By regularly training with the "half-hole effect" you can improve your putt performance. The putt improver enhances the alignment of the entire body, the eyes, and the club-head. It assists you in controlling the putter's swing direction, promotes the repeatability and storage of your correct putt movement.

It also shows you the impact moment point on your putt and gives you permanent and immediate feedback. It is comfortable, flexible, and can be used anywhere. Suitable for golfers.

The putt improver supports you during the putt training scope of supply.


  • Helps you align correctly
  • Handy and effective
  • Improves your putting immediately
  • Gives instant feedback
  • Delivered with training instructions