Portable Indoor Golf Putting Mat | Golf Training Accessories

This portable golf practice mat is excellent for any golfer who's on the go frequently. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, it is a great way to get in some practice to elevate your golf skills. It can be applied to many occasions, easy to carry, meet the different stages of cutting rod lovers, improve the level.
You can easily take the mat from home to other places; for example, you can play on any flat surface in your backyard, down in the basement, at the driving, or at the golf club.
  • From The Mat, elevating your golf ball for a comfortable swing.
  • It can be arbitrarily folded, with no deformation.
  • For practicing golf is a must, you can improve your skills.
  • Indoor, outdoor all use, Suitable for all kinds of wood and irons.
Materials: Rubber and Nylon
Color: Green
Mat Size: 30×60 cm

Package Included:
1×Golf Mat
1×Removable Rubber Tee
1×Golf Mat