Portable Laser Pointer Putter | Golf Putting Practice Aids

This putting trainer can be used for daily putting practice to increase the accuracy of the technology and practice the sense of putting the ball. This golf putter is suitable for practicing indoors. There is strong light outdoors where the visibility of the (laser) is low, so it cannot fit outdoors.

This golf line corrector is a good helper for beginners who have trouble putting the golf ball. It can do a great job when you are practicing putting the golf club indoors


  • Once you place this plastic golf putter on your golf club, you don't feel so much weight on your golf club as it is so lightweight. Don't worry that it will disturb you when you are practicing
  • You place this golf putter on your golf club, open the switch, and then start your practicing. A straight red line can help you adjust the golf club to get the perfect putting. Save time and then help you quickly get the point of golf
  • Powered by A76/LR44 button battery. No cables. Easy and convenient

Theme: Sports
Material: Plastic (Laser) Device
Sports Type: Golf
Size: 2x3.5x11cm
Weight: 3.7g
Battery Type: A76/LR44 Button Battery

Package includes:
1 x Golf Trainer