Pressure Putting Golf Trainer | Golf Training Accessories

The groundbreaking parabolic bend design of this training aid is designed to simulate the exact conditions that are entered in the real hole on the green. Each successful putter returns the same distance as the missed hole - excellent feedback for correct step adjustments. Made of premium elastomers and translucent polycarbonate, it folds and fits your golf bag.

This tool will improve your goals and pace with its scientifically designed parabolic curve that automatically returns to your good putter, rejects missed putters, and keeps your perfect putter - giving you immediate putt formal feedback


  • Designed to return the putter and reject the bad putter.
  • Repeat the exercises in the exercise to improve the pace and practice the pressure putter.
  • Net weight: 140g
  • Gross weight (including packaging): 200g
  • Size: expand 20x10x15CM/7.8x3.9x5.9in Shrink 20x10x2.5CM/7.5x3.9x0.98in
  • Material: ABS plastic


  • 1x Golf Putting Practice