Right-handed Correct Grip Training Tool | Golf Training Accessories

Teach yourself the correct way to grasp and swing the club with this grip training tool. It helps your muscle memory swing the golf club. It is ideal for preheating, stretching, and building specific muscles for golf.

The big grip trainer is short enough, so if you use it inside you won't touch the ceiling. Indefinitely, the grip is very helpful for the average size of the hand, without any distortion or slip.

Increasing weight is very helpful in increasing the swing speed. It is easier to assume the correct starting position with the weighted head, and the arm points directly below, instead of tilting toward the ball. It is a rugged and compact tool that is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

Material: Chrome-plated steel / B rubber / C aluminum
Product color: as shown
Package included:
1 * Golf Swing training grip

Size chart:
A length: 61 cm
B length: 26 cm
C length: 85 cm
Expansion length: 110 cm