Sweat Absorbent Microfiber Gloves | Anti-skid Golf Gloves

This glove is made of high-grade microfiber which has characteristics of durability, skincare, breathability, softness, and comfort. It has long wrist elastic braces designed to prevent the wrist from sunburn and does the function of sunscreen.
The palm is equipped with individual skid-resistant particles, which can prevent slipping and are wear-resistant. Anti-skid particles in the palm can increase the stability of the swing, the club is not easy to hit deviation, appropriate density, firm grip, prevent rebound.


  • This glove has a loop fastener design on the wrist which ensures the gloves uneasy to fall off and can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • The stitching technology of gloves is exquisite, durable, and has a long service life.


Sport Type: Golf
Color: Blue
Size: 26*11cm
Type: Left hand, Right hand
Gender: Men's


Package included:
1pc * Golf Glove