Wilson Staff Cortex Men's Golf Driver | Golf Accessories

Made with lightweight carbon fiber, it leaves a rigid titanium skeleton that provides structural stability and precise weight distribution for ultimate adjustability. Fast Cage puts the weight where you want it, maximizing distance and optimizing spin for all swings.


  • Spin Control - It provides a wide range of spin options. Moving the 8g weight toward the face, it adjusts the center of gravity for a lower launch ball flight with maximum fairway rollout. Sliding the weight towards the rear of the driver creates higher ball flights and maximizes carry.
  • Direction Control - The Cortex Driver comes standard with an 8g weight near the toe and a 2g weight near the heel. This provides a neutral distribution of weight.
  • Trajectory Control - The Fast-Fit hosel system allows players to dial in their preferred ball trajectory by fine-tuning the loft with 6 unique loft settings in half-degree increments. 
  • Launch Control: Premium Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Shafts are available in three profiles, each with unique launch and spin characteristics.