Balance Rod Short Game Aid | Golf Swing Training Aid

Good balance is essential for consistent shots, putts, chips, and full swings. Our body makes compensations to make us think we are in balance, so we don't always know where our weight is truly distributed. While our bodies adjust surprisingly well to find balance, they will also find the easiest way to accomplish this balance. In golf, that could mean lifting your head instead of turning your body - which isn't good! The Balance Rod causes an initial imbalance that will force your body to use your legs for stabilization rather than your spine. Within a few swings, you will have grounded athletic posture and balance.


  • Improve and maintain perfect balance throughout golf swing: Setup, backswing, impact, and follow-through.
  • Increase distance and accuracy.
  • Great for tee shots, iron shots, chips, and putts.
  • Balance Rod allows you to pinpoint areas of concern in your swing and correct them.
  • Prevent yourself from moving your body outside your base during your backswing while retaining power.